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Our customers rely on us for the data they need to increase revenue and brand engagement. We use Salesforce for the very same reason.”

Veerbhavan Hingorani, Manager - Salesforce


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RateGain Travel Technologies Journeys To Success With Salesforce

RateGain Travel Technologies is well aware of the power of data. It has built its business helping hospitality and travel companies generate more revenue through information such as competitive rates and occupancy. Companies can access this data in real-time to optimize their own pricing and then use RateGain’s distribution services to maximize bookings. It is a game changing yet simple solution, which has attracted 12,000+ customers from all over the world, including major airlines, hotel groups and car hire companies.

“Our customers rely on us for the data they need to increase revenue and brand engagement. We use Salesforce for the very same reason,” said Veerbhavan Hingorani, Manager of Salesforce at RateGain. “It’s empowered us with business intelligence and automated processes that help us scale.”

An integrated platform to drive success

Hingorani has led RateGain’s innovation on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, taking its use of Sales Cloud to the next level and connecting the entire business. RateGain now has a single view of customers and streamlined processes that cut across sales, marketing, support and finance. 

“The Salesforce platform is easy to use and to customize; if you follow best practices, there’s an exceptional amount you can do on your own,” said Hingorani. “With frequent product updates we can also keep improving the experience for our customers and employees.”

Customers already enjoy their own Community on the platform where they can open tickets and chat through comments with a support agent or check the status of an earlier request. This combination of live chat and self-service ensures customers get instant support.


Intelligent automation enabled by Salesforce will help us grow faster, get smarter and scale our business globally.”

Veerbhavan Hingorani, Manager - Salesforce

From spreadsheets to smart automation

RateGain first implemented Sales Cloud to move away from its existing CRM, ACT, which had fewer capabilities. It also wanted to eliminate the use of spreadsheets to manage opportunities in a scalable way. It has sales reps in 12 cities globally and wanted to provide them with consistent and effective processes to close deals faster. It wanted to consolidate reporting and give management more data to forecast performance.

“Management now has much more insight into how sales reps are tracking and can see how many phone calls and face-to-face meetings are occurring each day,” said Hingorani. “They can review performance year over year and make data-driven decisions.”

The use of Chatter has further improved visibility and collaboration around deals. It is a faster and efficient way to communicate and allows everyone to work together as one team. 

Greater process efficiency has been achieved with custom objects used to streamline workflows such as approvals on pricing. Integration with RateGain's ERP and the use of third party apps from the Salesforce AppExchange have enabled the business to automate processes like invoicing and the payment of commissions.

Marketing is another area of the business that has been transformed. Pardot has provided a way for RateGain to capture new leads from social media as well as its website. It has provided intelligent scoring of leads and put a stop to the large number of bad ones sent to the sales team.

The business is now exploring Einstein Analytics and how it can leverage artificial intelligence to boost growth and productivity. “The intelligent automation enabled by Salesforce is what’s going to help us grow faster, get smarter and scale our business all around the world – just as the data we provide to our customers allows them to grow.”


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