We're starting to understand just how far we can go with the Salesforce1 Customer Platform, and we're planning Sales and Marketing strategies to take us far into the future.”

Daniel Leung, Head of Business Markets

Salesforce is Giving SmarTone Real Business Intelligence

One of five major providers in the saturated Hong Kong telecom market, SmarTone knows that to survive and grow its time-to-market and level of customer service must be second to none. For the 150-strong sales and account management team, that calls for immediate response to customer queries.

According to SmarTone Head of Business Markets, Daniel Leung, preparing a full customer profile including spending and usage patterns would easily take two people up to two days to complete using previous systems. “These profiles are important when customers contact us for information on individual employee or corporate’s mobile spend and usage,” he explains. “They are also how we create personalised offers to meet our customers’ specific needs, and put together offers for contract renewals.”

The extensive time needed for developing customer profiles was down to the company’s disparate systems. Without consolidation, SmarTone employees might need to access anywhere up to seven data sources before compiling a meaningful view. Now it’s instant.”

Salesforce dashboards open up a view to a raft of reports for Sales, Account Management and Marketing. These range from a customer’s single line usage to a complete view of the service consumption behaviour and spend across the customer’s entire subscribed services.

“We currently have tens of thousands of corporate customers that rely on us for their mobile communications,” Leung explains. “For our account managers to service them better, and for our marketing team to be able to create the best possible offers, immediacy and accuracy of customer data is critical – and that’s what we are getting now from the Salesforce Sales Cloud.”

For account managers, who spend face-to-face time with customers on average three times every day, mobile access to Salesforce is a customer relationship boon. “Right on their iPad, each account manager has immediate access to the holistic view of all their customers’ records,” Leung says. “It’s up-to-date, easy to interrogate and complete. They need to be connected to customer data wherever they go in order to satisfy their customers, and that’s exactly what the Salesforce1 Customer Platform gives us.”

Share and communicate

Chatter gives SmarTone a channel for promoting best practices within the sales and account management teams internally. “Chatter is proving popular in situations where people are looking to lay their hands on documents immediately or to get quick support from other team members to help them do their job better,” Leung says.

SmarTone’s central library in Salesforce delivers a secure and version-controlled place to go for procedural documents that helps promote consistency and drives success. “Already we have more than 200 documents in our Salesforce library, and it is growing all the time. Essentially, it is a dynamic knowledgebase that helps our people do their jobs faster and better; and that means our customers are served faster and better.”

Marketing efficiencies increase customer loyalty

In the SmarTone marketing team, Cartina Choi, SmarTone Marketing Manager, Business Markets, and her team now rely on Salesforce to monitor trends in customer usage and develop special offers. “We have a complete view of our customers, so we can see the areas of greatest spend and determine where those customers can use more of SmarTone services,” she explains.

“Once we have identified those customers, we use Salesforce to dispatch the opportunities, along with customised marketing offers, to the account manager,” Choi explains. “We then monitor and track the status of those opportunities against pre-defined metrics, for example 50 per cent or greater probability of winning the business. It drives our performance and gives us a better and more responsive way to serve customers. Ultimately, it’s driving greater customer loyalty.”

SmarTone is extending its range of service offerings right off the back of the success of the adoption of Salesforce. Leung comments: “Salesforce gives us real business intelligence; and with that we can identify emerging customer needs and develop new strategies and products to address them.”


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