Tata CLiQ

Through Salesforce, we’re delighting customers by delivering contextual, proactive, and personalised service across channels.”

Shweta Srivastava | Director, CS, Tata CLiQ

Tata CLiQ delivers epiQ customer service experiences with Salesforce

In India’s fiercely competitive ecommerce space, Tata CLiQ has a couple of things going for it. For one, its products are all handpicked from some of the best Indian and international brands in fashion, electronics, luxury, home furnishings, and beauty. Plus, its phygital model combines the ease of online shopping with the convenience of picking up and returning products in-store across 1,600+ brand partner stores.

When it comes to service, customers can seamlessly connect with Tata CLiQ Care to get answers to their queries - be it on refunds and exchanges, or ways to pick up purchases.

“Our goal is to be the benchmark in service experiences using customer data, a fix-the-root-cause mindset, and technologies like Salesforce,” says Ashish Himthani, Head, Service Experience, Tata CLiQ.

Getting unstuQ: Doing away with fragmented, legacy systems

Although Tata CLiQ had a CRM earlier, its integration capabilities were limited. So, service agents talking to customers had to toggle between multiple interfaces and screens to find the data they needed. This delayed issue resolution and prolonged the customer’s wait time.

“To deliver faster and better service, our agents needed a unified customer view,” says Shakun Takkar, Director, Product, Tata CLiQ. “Salesforce was the perfect solution. It offers a great user experience. It’s scalable, integrable, and customisable. It fulfils most of our CRM requirements out-of-the-box. And its product roadmap is impressive.”

Adds Shweta Srivastava, Director, CS, Tata CLiQ, “Salesforce CRM is helping us fulfill our two-pronged strategy of delivering the best customer experiences, while also empowering our service agents to be more successful.”

EleQtrifying customers with faster, smarter case resolution

With Salesforce Service Cloud, Tata CLiQ has automated service workflows. So, customers’ queries are now logged, managed, and resolved faster than ever.

Over 500 agents have a holistic view of customer orders, purchases, complaints, and service history - all captured in a single source of truth. These insights help them personalise service interactions, and deliver experiences that customers love.

With computer telephony integration (CTI), agents can perform all phone functions – including answering, disconnecting, and transferring calls – from the convenience of their computer screen. Even before they pick up the phone, the customer’s profile pops up on their screen.

A centralised knowledge management database gives them access to 1,000+ articles on customer issues, so that they’re able to solve cases faster.

“No longer do we have to keep customers waiting while we search for the right data,” says Ashutosh Dabral, Chief Product Officer, Tata CLiQ. “With a unified customer view, our first call resolution rates have improved by 15% in 12 months.”

What’s more, the average handling time (AHT) has dropped by 8-10% in just four months, translating into savings of thousands of productive hours. With more time freed up, agents can focus on deepening customer connections, and giving complex cases the attention they deserve. As a result, customers leave each interaction feeling satisfied.

Tata CLiQ also has a contextual view of omni-channel touchpoints. So, customers can begin their service interaction on one channel (e.g., emails or the website) and smoothly move to another (e.g., calls) without having to repeat themselves to multiple agents.

“Through Salesforce, we’re delighting customers by delivering contextual, proactive, and personalised service across interaction channels,” says Srivastava.

InQreasing agent satisfaction with a unified CRM

Reports don’t have to be manually created anymore. With powerful dashboards, teams have real-time intelligence on call volumes, pending cases, open tickets, and other data. So, they can make better-informed decisions about where and how to improve service.

“Having a single interface for all kinds of CRM needs has made our agents happier and more efficient,” says Srivastava. “We’ve seen a 15-20% improvement in agent experiences.”

ThinQing big: Elevating service experiences to new heights

PwC supported Tata CLiQ in designing and implementing their Salesforce solution.

“PwC was highly engaged with us on production support and implementation,” says Dabral. “They helped us transition to the new platform on time with minimal hassles and bottlenecks.”

Tata CLiQ is now working towards achieving a 360-degree customer view by integrating Salesforce with channels like WhatsApp and website chat. The company also intends to use next-generation Salesforce tools like Einstein, visual remote assistant, and data analytics to accelerate and personalise service.

“We want to be faster in our responses, more accurate in resolving cases, and more cost-efficient,” says Himthani. “With Salesforce, we believe we can exceed customer expectations.”


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