We're able to process each application 50% faster and make smarter, data-driven decisions about who we select into the program”

Tanya Arora, Director-Fellowship Selection Team

The education crisis in India is complex. Issues ranging from attendance to a lack of qualified teachers mean that millions of children are missing out on gaining the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Teach For India is passionate about solving this crisis with a vision that one day all children will attain an excellent education. It believes leadership is the way forward and is using Salesforce to help build a community of leaders that can inspire and deliver tangible change.

Teach For India’s Fellowship Program recruits some of the brightest minds from across India to serve as full-time teachers to children in low-income communities.

Karthik Rapaka, a former Deloitte employee and alumnus of Teach For India, said that the two-year program helped their teaching Fellows to understand all the issues impacting children’s ability to learn.

“The Fellows become change agents for the community and not just for those two years. What we see is that 60% of alumni go into research, technology or education where they continue to progress our mission,” said Rapaka.

Since launching its Fellowship program in 2009, Teach For India has touched the lives of 40,000 children in seven cities. “We want to dream bigger and educate one million children by 2022. We’re using Salesforce to faster identify the talent we need to grow,” said Hitesh Rawtani, Director of Technology.

The not-for-profit (NFP) receives as many as 15,000 Fellowship applications per year. In the past, the Fellowship selection team would manually review each one of these. The process put a strain on resources and was not sustainable as the program expanded. Teach For India needed a smarter and faster way to find the best talent, which is why it turned to Salesforce.

The selection process has been transformed with Sales Cloud and App Cloud powering a more automated and consistent approach. Ineligible applications are automatically filtered out along with candidates that have not passed the aptitude test. This immediately halves the number of applications for review. Also, with notes and conversations captured on each application in Salesforce, the dispersed selection team of 12 can better collaborate on those remaining.

Tanya Arora, who leads the Fellowship Selection Team, said, “We’re able to process each application 50% faster and make smarter, data driven decisions about who we select into the program. And reporting is automatic. I can open my dashboard and track progress at any time rather than waiting for someone to compile updates.”

Teach For India also manages its fundraising on Salesforce, from setting goals to reporting on fund pipelines and processing receipts. This has boosted both productivity and visibility of fundraising – a critical function for the NFP.

It’s not just the technology from Salesforce that’s helping Teach For India to achieve its mission. Several employees have volunteered with teaching and building activities. Others have helped to build process maps and contributed to strategy discussions.

Rawtani said, “Inequity is a global problem and there needs to be greater commitment towards sustainable solutions. To have that wider support from Salesforce is fantastic.”

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