Salesforce would provide a solid platform the business needs to go forward and achieve that 100% growth.”

Ryoma Eguchi, Technology Director, The Executive Centre
The Executive Centre is widely recognised as Asia Pacific’s leading premium serviced office provider. It has 55 centres across 20 major cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. The company works with its customers to achieve the opportunity to “work smarter, not harder”, and that’s precisely what it is doing for its own operations with the Salesforce Platform.
With the introduction of the Salesforce Sales Cloud , The Executive Centre is in the ideal position to achieve a highly ambitious expansion plan, that is, its business size will grow by 100 per cent in just three-to-five years. According to the company’s Technology Director Mr Ryoma Eguchi, to achieve that growth in any business, there needs to be a solid and efficient platform in place. “Salesforce was obviously the best possible platform; and with it, we are able to operate the business more smoothly.”
It all comes down to integration – the ability to integrate in-house and third-party systems with Salesforce Platform. “Sales Cloud, built on Salesforce Platform, gives us the single source of the truth about all our customers,” Ryoma states. “We have Platform APIs that enable us to integrate with any and all of our other data applications; and achieving that integration requires typically only a few days, most of which is devoted to customising the user interface.”
Information now! That’s the demand from The Executive Centre management team; and it’s the result achieved with the Sales Cloud. Ryoma cites the example of monthly sales reports. “It used to be the case that once each month, sales teams would send through their individual reports through to Head Office where they would be compiled into a single report. That process alone took more than 3-5 days. Now, it’s instant.”
A key component in achieving The Executive Centre’s aggressive growth plan is marketing and customer feedback. In those two areas Salesforce Platform is being geared up to play a massive role. “Our very short-term plan is to use Salesforce’s email marketing capabilities,” Ryoma says. “It will give us the ability to gain valuable metrics through tracking the number of emails opened, links that have been clicked and even easily break it down into demographics and geographies.”
For The Executive Centre personnel themselves, Salesforce Chatter – the in-built communication and collaboration tool - is set to make a great impact. Built on a social media paradigm, Chatter enables team members to communicate freely, sharing information about leads and customers with their peers in other offices and countries.
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