"Now we can make sure our best customers have winning fan experiences."

—Peter A. Luukko
President and COO

Salesforce helps Comcast-Spectacor turn customers into fans

When it comes to making fans happy, Comcast-Spectacor is in a league of its own. Company founder Ed Snider—who mortgaged his house to bring the NHL to Philadelphia in 1967—is passionate about creating innovative and immersive customer programs. As economically-challenged consumers cut back on luxury and entertainment spending, Comcast-Spector is transforming itself to offer a winning experience every time.

“Salesforce has been a game changer for us,” says Shawn Tilger, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the Philadelphia Flyers. “Now we can get even closer to our customers, and find new ways to engage with them.” Using Salesforce, Comcast-Spectacor maintains detailed customer profiles so it can identify its biggest fans and market more effectively to them.

Comcast-Spectacor uses customer profiles and purchase histories to create sales promotions, renewals programs, and loyalty programs tailored to individual fans. The company can also provide special experiences—including Zamboni rides or player meet-and-greets—to engage the most high-value customers.

Technologies for team players

Comcast-Spectacor first tapped Salesforce to give its customer service team improved business visibility. Today sales, marketing, finance, and management use an employee social network to work as a team across business units to build loyalty and be more responsive. When a customer has a service issue—anything from food quality to a broken cup holder—the right people get involved to fix it, fast. Explains Tilger, “Now we can all work together to make sure our best customers have winning fan experiences.”

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