Dunkin’ Brands

"It’s not just time to make the donuts—it’s time to go social."

-John Costello
Chief Global Marketing & Innovation Officer

America runs on Dunkin’. Dunkin’ runs on 7+ million fans.

With a Facebook fan base that is roughly the size of Hong Kong, Dunkin’ Brands is a leader in using social technologies to connect to customers. The company’s goal is not just to sell product, but to become an integral part of its customers’ daily lives—even after they’ve finished their morning coffee.

Dunkin’s people-first philosophy is evidenced by its Twitter bio, which reads, “America Runs on Dunkin’. @DunkinDonuts Runs on You.” By taking care of its customers, Dunkin’ believes its customers will take care of its brand. This philosophy has fueled phenomenal growth on Facebook—to 7 million fans and counting.

John Costello, CMO, explains, “Being social is not just about winning fans and influencing followers. It’s about sharing content that inspires our customers (and their friends), and giving them the opportunity to engage with us.”

Dunkin’ uses Radian6 to monitor and participate in conversations about its brand—enabling the company to effectively drive word-of-mouth, build brand awareness, and generate the kind of loyalty that results in repeat business and referrals.


Dunkin’ Brands
Dunkin’ Brands
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