"Everyone uses Salesforce – it’s helping everyone from our Managing Director right through to our sales operations people do a better job."

— Rachel Stotter
Director – Ingredients New Zealand & Customer Excellence

Why Fonterra thinks Salesforce is the ‘cream of the crop’

Fonterra is a farmer owned co-operative, and without a doubt, a ‘big cheese’ in the dairy world. It’s the largest global milk processor and dairy exporter – collecting 22 billion litres of milk each year to turn into the dairy products we all know and love.

Every nine seconds, milk is collected from one of its 10,500 farms in New Zealand. And every two minutes, a Fonterra container leaves New Zealand bound for one of more than 140 countries. This accounts for 25% of New Zealand’s annual export revenue earnings, valued at over NZ$20 billion.

Because Fonterra exports about 95% of what it produces, the company contributes to about a third of the world’s dairy trade. This means a lot of salespeople selling in a lot of places.

Fonterra went looking for a new technology platform to underpin the business. Its key criteria were ease of use, ease of integration with existing core applications and value for money. Salesforce won on all three.

Uniting Fonterra’s global sales teams on one platform called for careful planning. But Paula Reason, the company’s CRM Program Manager, knew it was worth the effort. “We wanted to connect all our sales teams so they could have real-time conversations and discussions, share information, analysis and documents and just get help from each other,” she says.

Fonterra began a staged rollout of Salesforce, with a social networking layer in the form of Chatter, to fuel international collaboration with global B2B sales teams.

From contacts through to opportunity, lead and performance management, Salesforce provides Fonterra with a single view of its B2B customers. Client emails, core master data, reports and analysis integrate with Sales Cloud so Fonterra can track every interaction with clients – information can no longer just slip through the cracks.

Salesforce AppExchange app Conga Composer and a Digital Sales Aid that was purpose-built by Salesforce’s Services team, are transforming the way Fonterra engages with internal and external stakeholders. Account managers use Conga Composer to convert account plans into PowerPoint presentations for executive review. They use the Digital Sales Aid to create slick sales presentations containing detailed product information.

According to Rachel Stotter, Director – Ingredients New Zealand & Customer Excellence, Salesforce Chatter is a true standout feature of Salesforce. “We love Chatter!” she says. “Everyone uses it – from our Managing Director right through to our sales operations people. It’s really unified our sales teams and lets them drive better deals by sharing information and queries.”

The success of Salesforce in Fonterra’s B2B sales division saw it rolled out to B2C and corporate divisions relatively quickly. From no platform to an integrated one with optimal adoption and global collaboration in just two years – it’s been a huge step for Fonterra’s sales division. And the results have been worth it.

“We see it as a continuous evolution – we’re always improving how we do business and Salesforce is a huge part of that,” says Reason.

Andrew Dennis, Fonterra’s General Manager IT for Global Ingredients, says, “We’ll keep using Salesforce to measure the return on our sales marketing and expenditure, while engaging with customers and consumers in a far more confident manner.”



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