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"Salesforce helps us connect and engage with customers better."

-Tadashi Fujita
Senior Managing Executive Officer

Japan Airlines aligns employees to improve service in the skies

“We’re connecting employees together to give customers the very best.” After years of financial uncertainty, Japan Airlines has emerged from bankruptcy and been relisted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. To unite all employees and reinvigorate the company, the airline created what it calls the JAL philosophy. It is partnering with Salesforce to align all of its employees around customers. With greater insights into customer needs JAL can offer the best possible service, every time.

“JAL’s new philosophy says each of us makes JAL what it is,“ explains Tadashi Fujita, Senior Managing Executive Officer. The effort to connect with customers started with a Facebook fan page. Employees are encouraged to interact with customers, showing their real names and faces, and using their own voices. The page, which already boasts 900,000+ fans, gives everyone at the company a way to connect with customers and see the discussions their co-workers are having. “It’s an indispensable platform for us to listen to the voices of our customers.”

Fast and appropriate responses

With this deeper connection to customers comes a responsibility to respond quickly and transparently to their requests. “More than ever before, we need to work as a team to solve problems,” says Fujita. A Chatter social network helps involve the right employees to answer questions or solve customer problems quickly, especially when issues involve multiple departments.

Chatter lets employees share important information—including campaign news and documents—anywhere, anytime. “In the past, our roles, departments or individual pride got in the way of open communication. Chatter lets us share thoughts and communications easily, and we can respond to them more openly,” explains Fujita.

As Japan Airlines continues its journey, Salesforce will help the company promote honest communication and plant the seeds of new ideas and proposals. Fujita says, “Salesforce is helping JAL grow new wings. Focused on new challenges and expanded service, we have made a strong takeoff. We aim to offer the best service in the skies.”

Japan Airlines
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