"We stay connected with customers through every step of building their home—even after they’ve moved in."

-Jean Michel Mougeolle

Mikit connects customers with their dream house

Building your own house and stepping onto the property ladder is an expensive—and for many, unachievable—dream. Over the last 30 years, Mikit has helped 30,000+ French families achieve their goal of home ownership by providing kits that let them finish assembly themselves, saving almost a third of their home’s cost. The company’s customer base is comprised of young, first-time buyers from urban markets—the type of person that typically lives a hyper-connected life. To stay close to these customers, and its 150 franchisees, the company tapped Salesforce to help it become social.

“Salesforce is the cornerstone of our IT system,” says Jean-Michel Mougeolle, CIO. “We offer bright ideas for customer’s houses, so we really ought to use bright ideas amongst ourselves. Salesforce.com is a great partner to help us achieve that.”

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of Mikit’s business. Mougeolle explains, “When you are helping somebody to build their own home, where they’ll live with their family and where their children will grow up, there is a huge amount at stake.” For projects to be successful, the company needs to be available at each step—especially the finishing work customers complete themselves. Sales Cloud helps Mikit track project timing and ensures all necessary paperwork is completed at every step of the process. Documents and reminders are produced automatically, and staff can easily email customers to get any additional information needed.

All the company’s teams use the enterprise social network, Chatter: from marketing to research and development, including the quality control department. They share documents and collaborate to solve problems. Mougeolle explains, “When we come across a particularly tricky issue, we all get together to discuss it and swap ideas to find the best, fastest solutions for customers.”

Building relationships on social networks

Mikit also engages with customers on the Internet. When customers encounter a problem, the company identifies the network they are using, so it can respond quickly and put them into contact with the experts that have the solution. “Our aim is to link activity on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and conventional customer management. Previously, there was no connection between these two,” says Mougeolle. “With Salesforce we can identify a customer who says that they are happy with our products and make them an ambassador for our brand.”