"We’re committed to one-on-one interactions so our users know they’re heard."

—Laurie Brescoll
Head of Community Operations and Salesforce help SoundCloud amplify a small team

In the early days of SoundCloud, an audio platform that lets users upload, promote, and share original sounds, their founders also acted as community managers, personally responding to customer inquiries. As the company grew — expanding from six employees to 200 in less than five years — they needed to scale support processes to an increasing volume of inquiries. At the same time, SoundCloud wanted to maintain a human touch when connecting with customers. “We’re committed to one-on-one interactions so our users know they’re heard,” says Laurie Brescoll, Head of Community Operations.

Listening to customers, globally

The company tapped Salesforce to help manage customer information and service requests. With’s ease-of-use and flex agent model, every SoundCloud employee can become a productive member of the support team almost immediately. gives SoundCloud employees the tools that they need — including a knowledge base, macros, and templates — to keep up with a growing volume of inquiries while continuing to provide personalised service. And, because is automatically integrated with Sales Cloud, both sales and support have the 360-degree customer views they need to make every customer feel special.

SoundCloud has operations in both Berlin and San Francisco, and Salesforce and are key to keeping the two teams coordinated. “Although we are spread across two continents, we share customer information, cases, and workflows, and work together as one team,” says Brescoll.

The sweet sound of success

With, support agents are so effective that last year SoundCloud matched a 110% increase in active users with just a 56% increase in support agents. The branded help center has been so successful that the company reduced the escalation rate by 53%. And, the feedback the company gets from customers helps them continually improve their products.

Brescoll says, “With Salesforce and, we can maintain customer satisfaction rates of 95% with only a small team.”



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