the essential data cleansing tool

No matter how talented your sales and marketing teams, real success can elude them if they’re spending their valuable time and the company’s good money on bad contact data. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case at far too many enterprises, because they don’t have an effective data cleansing tool in place to ensure data hygiene.

How about your company—does your CRM contain clean data on customers and prospects? If you’re in doubt, is a data cleansing tool a high priority for you? More often than you might think, the answer to both questions is no. On average, 70% of a company’s data goes bad annually, and a full 91% of data in CRM systems is incomplete. Fortunately, a world-class data cleansing tool is close at hand, especially if you already have Salesforce CRM.

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Data cleaning that sets a new standard

A data cleansing tool is only as good as its source data, and ours is in a class by itself. is unique in that we don’t get our data from Web crawlers or bots, but crowdsource it from an online community of 2 million sales and marketing professionals. They dig deep and cross-check to make sure of clean data, and actively refresh records on a continual basis.

The result is a data cleansing tool that matches your contact information against a database of 30+ million highly accurate B2B leads, each complete with a current email address and phone number, 70% of which are direct dial. With our data cleansing tool to flag dupes, backfill partial records, and update stale contacts, clean data becomes the norm for your organization. No more wasted sales time on dead dials, or marketing campaigns blasted to out-of-date or abandoned email addresses.

Clean data everywhere

Effective data cleaning means all your contact information is current, actionable, and complete—no matter where in your company it resides. To enable this, the data cleansing tool comes in two versions. Clean in Salesforce scrubs and refreshes all your data in Salesforce CRM—continually in real time, rather than quarterly or once a year like other services. With a steady stream of updates from our data cleansing tool, you can be confident that your sales and marketing teams are always connecting with fresh contacts.

Data cleaning with as much—or as little—automation as you choose

You can set up our data cleansing tool to complete partial leads only, refresh everything, or simply alert you to available updates so your teams can make their own decisions. Whatever level of automation you choose, Chatter alerts you when updated information arrives. Reps can then quickly compare the existing Salesforce record against the update from our data cleansing tool, and implement only the changes they want.

Another advantage: Because is native to Salesforce, it comes with at-a-glance dashboards that show you our data-cleansing tool’s impact on your sales and marketing results.

Even if you don’t have Salesforce, you needn’t do without the data cleansing tool. On a per-project basis, our Professional Services team will transform your stale contacts and dead records into fresh, clean data. We’ll put the power of our data cleansing tool to work, backfilling and updating old marketing lists in whatever system they reside—to boost your campaign response and ROI. Preparing to migrate to a new CRM solution? Have us do a thorough data cleaning of all the leads and contacts in your old database, to ensure a favorable response to your new system.

The data cleansing tool that makes a measurable difference

What kind of results can data cleaning with deliver? According to independent research, our customers tally up a 29% higher win/loss rate1, 32% bigger deal size2, 58% revenue growth3, and 20% higher direct marketing response rates4.


1, 2, 3 Aberdeen Group Report, December 2009
4 “The Benefits of Jigsaw,” Nucleus Research, February 2011



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