Business email lists: the key to marketing and sales success

You’ve got a unique product or service that people crave. And you’ve got a message that’s hard to resist. But if your business email lists aren’t reaching the right audiences, then your marketing or sales efforts are going to go nowhere fast.

In fact, industry experts say that 68 percent of marketing success is driven by the quality of your data. That poses quite a challenge considering that on average 91 percent of CRM data is incomplete and 70 percent of it goes bad every year. Marketing leads in your business email lists quickly grow stale because today's workers change positions and employers often. And business lead lists that were spot-on today are usually spotty at best tomorrow.

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Marketing leads always stay fresh on is different. We know you have better things to do with your time than monitor the data in your business email lists for completeness and accuracy. And you certainly don’t have time to waste chasing bad marketing leads. With lists, you no longer have to worry. Our data is continuously updated and maintained by our 2 million-member community of marketing and sales professionals—and it’s continually organized and enhanced in accuracy by our best-in-class technology.

If contact information for any lead isn’t accurate and 100 percent complete—including email and phone number—then it’s not in our database and it’s not in your business email list. Better yet, if you store your business lead lists with, you get real-time updates for any contact information that changes. There’s no better way to make sure your business email lists are always complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

Build high-quality, highly targeted business lead lists

It’s not enough that your business lead lists are accurate—marketing leads also have to be on target to get you the response and the ROI that you need. Many business email list vendors simply crawl the Web for names and emails you could find yourself if you had the time. As a result, their business email list data is often outdated, incomplete, and limited mostly to C-level titles. Not much use considering that key users, influencers, and decision makers are scattered throughout the accounts you’re after.’s business email lists give you contacts way beyond C-level, allowing you to target the right people at every level of an organization. You can create business email lists with multiple strategic points of contact within your most promising accounts, so you get the greatest impact out of every email campaign. Dozens of detailed segmentation criteria give you thousands of possible targeting combinations, so you can create business email lists that zero in on the exact audience you’re after and reach the right people every time. business email lists give you complete contact information and deep penetration into accounts, making your lists perfect for powering email campaigns, driving audiences to Webinars, and filling seats at live events.

Business email lists have never been so easy to build and maintain

With you can easily go online and build as many highly targeted business email lists as you need. Or our Professional Services team can build your lists for you.

With our business lead lists you get:

  • Real-time access to millions of marketing leads
  • Saved searches that make it easy to refine your business email lists over time
  • Online storage and list maintenance that’s only a click away
  • Real-time updates to stored lists, so your leads are always fresh
  • Easy export to .csv to create new lists or supplement internal lists and databases



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