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Unlocking growth in 2021 with Salesforce for Manufacturing

Unlocking growth in 2021 with Salesforce for Manufacturing

The global pandemic completely changed how businesses operated in 2020, and it’s had a massive impact on the manufacturing industry. As we all try to get back to growth, 2021 will be one big experiment in collaboration, re-imagining processes, deploying digital skills we acquired, and scaling best practices. The most successful manufacturers in 2021 will be the ones who can execute fastest on their newly learned strategies. So how do you get your teams off to a fast start in 2021?

Everything starts with three simple improvements: Increasing visibility for leaders so they know what’s going on in their business, standardizing processes, and making it easier and faster for your teams to work together. For a manufacturer, there are many ways to achieve these three goals, but there’s only one way to unlock exponential growth: Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

In this webinar, we will cover:

1. Top technology trends manufacturers should look out for in 2021
2. Preview of Salesforce’s proposition for Manufacturers
3. How manufacturers can connect sales and operations to drive forecast accuracy and visibility
4. Crawl-walk-run approach to digitization to differentiates your business
5. Live demo of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Featured Speakers:

Raj Ravuri | Director Industry Strategy - Manufacturing | Salesforce
Kuldeep Kumar Upadhyay | Director Industry Strategy - Manufacturing | Salesforce

To improve the webinar attendee experience, it will be helpful if you can select the most important trend that manufacturers should look out for in 2021. Submit your response here.


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