The Power of Personalised Shopping

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Discover the true impact of AI based on data from 150+ million shoppers worldwide.

Everyone claims that personalised shopping experiences are the future of commerce, but where’s the proof? In this report, data from 150+ million shoppers and 250+ million visits to retail sites reveal the true impact of personalisation on revenue and growth. The results are eye-opening, and reveal that personalised shopping experiences are not only crucial to your brand’s success, they will separate the winners from the laggards.

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Ask someone how they shop today, and you’ll encounter nuances and technologies that were barely on our radar ten years ago. From AI-powered product recommendations to receiving deliveries in less than an hour, shopping is being disrupted to an unprecedented extent.

With increasingly mobile and multi-tasking shoppers navigating enormous product catalogs, retailers need to be ready with personalised content and intelligent recommendations. They must show shoppers exactly what they want to see, efficiently and in real time. They also must consider how to leverage the power of AI to anticipate their customers’ next moves.

That’s why personalised shopping is the future of commerce — and the only way to compete amidst consumers’ expanding expectations. Looking for proof? This report analyses the shopping activity of more than 150 million shoppers and their 250 million visits to retail sites (including $550 million worth of orders and 320 million shopper clicks). We’ll closely analyse this data as it relates to personalised product recommendations, and how these recommendations impact conversion rate, average order value, per-visit spend, and more. This report also includes stories from retail trailblazers driving their businesses with AI-based personalisation, and a collection of successful personalisation tactics that you can implement yourself—without an army of data scientists.

Get ready to uncover the potential of using AI to capitalise on moments that matter.


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