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Getting More Out of your IT Help Desk Software

As of 2016, there are now estimated to be more than two billion smartphone users globally, and that number is only continuing to climb — we are expected to hit almost three billion by the year 2020. What this means is that, to be a business that is going to continue to thrive over the next few years, offering customers mobile-friendly service is now absolutely essential.

Current statistics already reflect the importance of tech solutions in attracting and retaining customers. Namely:

— According to the 2016 State of the Connected Customer report,  57 percent of customers say that an easy-to-use mobile experience is either absolutely critical or very important.

Seventy percent say that tech has made it easier than ever before to take their business elsewhere.

Sixty-four percent of consumers and 80 percent of business buyers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time.

— Furthermore, 45 percent of customers say that a better mobile service experience could have kept them from switching, and 62 percent have had to repeatedly contact a company to resolve an issue.

These statistics show that, not only is a well-functioning mobile experience increasingly important to customers, but that they expect to also receive quick and efficient customer service and tech support on their devices. This makes it a good idea to purchase IT help desk software in order to keep up with the demand.

Why Purchase IT Help Desk Software?

It is estimated that the customer relationship management (CRM) market will be worth upwards of $37 billion by the end of 2017. What is clear is that businesses are increasingly turning to software solutions in order to improve their customer experience. But you don’t have to jump onboard the CRM wagon just to keep up with trends — there are some very good reasons for taking advantage of help desk software solutions.


First, in a time where social media is one of the main forms of communication, companies need tools that can help them to see and respond to public inquiries in the speedy manner that customers have come to expect. What’s more, IT help desk software helps with speeding up resolution times by identifying the precise issue and grouping cases together by priority.

Second, there is a certain amount of professionalism that comes from handling tech issues and other customer concerns as efficiently as possible. As the above statistics show, customers often have to repeatedly contact a company in order to get their issues resolved, and they are quick to switch companies when they are not receiving satisfactory responses. Help desk software solutions are the best way to ensure that your employees are equipped for success.

Lastly, a huge benefit of this kind of cloud-based software solution is that it is both cheaper and more secure than an in-house solution. Because it is being hosted by a specialist company, they can expend the necessary resources to store all of the hardware and keep up to date with the latest security measures.

How IT help desk software Helps Improve Customer Service.

Now that there is no question over the benefits of purchasing a help desk software solution, let’s get into some of the specifics regarding what these kinds of solutions can do for you and your company’s customer experience strategy. Here are just a few.

Timely response.

As mentioned, in a time where social media is increasingly ubiquitous, it is vital to a company’s brand that customer service reps are on hand to respond to — and resolve — customer concerns quickly. If a company employs help desk software with project management, employees will be able to see messages as soon as they come in, regardless of channel used, respond immediately, and even set up proactive, automated responses to deal with emergencies.

Empowered employees.

When surveyed, 74 percent of users said that CRM software has improved their access to customer data. Help desk software with project management means that each case is automatically sorted and categorised, and employees are able to scan customer profiles at a glance, viewing all pertinent information needed to help each customer.

Problem targeting.

This ease of information makes it especially easy to target specific problems as quickly as possible. This goes for all help software categories, but is particularly useful in open source IT help desk software. Using this software, customer service reps are able to view the customer profile and target the specific problem, and then send it to the best technician for the job.

Listening to the conversation.

Help desk software solutions also aid with listening, in more than one way. When talking to customers, employees are able to access that customer’s information with a few clicks, allowing them to listen and understand much better than would otherwise be possible. But this software also improves a company’s ability to listen to the general conversation surrounding their brand, through keyword tracking, customer surveys, and other relevant data that will be collected and analysed for better general decision making.

Salesforce Offers the Best IT help Desk Software.

It is estimated that around 87 percent of consumers will use their mobile device to shop, and will use several channels to interact with your brand. There are a lot of solutions on the market that will help a business with improving its customer experience, but Salesforce offers the best IT help desk software on the market — because Salesforce solutions provide the means to offer your customers this kind of omnichannel experience.

Furthermore, through integrating Salesforce Desk with other Salesforce solutions, your company will benefit just as much as your customers do, by being able to make use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that can inform your decision-making, and ensure that each customer is approached with the right offer from your company, on the right channel at precisely the right time.

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