CRM—What Is Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on your enterprise's number one priority—creating a satisfactory customer experience that will delight your current clients and help you acquire new ones more quickly.

Salesforce India's game changing technology and Customer Relationship Management cloud software addresses all your customer interface concerns, from sales and marketing to customer service, streamlining your enterprise and saving invaluable time and resources.

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At Salesforce our platform delivers state of the art CRM Software-as-a-Service virtually, bestowing your business with all the 21st century speed and efficiency of the cloud computing revolution in India.

Come join the cloud and transform your customer service with our cutting edge technology in merely 30 days!

CRM India Software

CRM custom software from Salesforce instantly updates your business processes, combining them with people and technology to reveal more about your customers and their behaviour with deeper analysis and insight into critical sales and customer metrics.

How Will Salesforce India Take My Business to the Next Level?

More time. Our customer relationship management software is in the cloud, so it frees up your team from cumbersome admin, data entry, and security updates, allowing them to focus on lead generation, closing deals and gaining expertise. A greater overview. Salesforce's CRM software streamlines and automates your business processes, providing deep analysis and insight into important sales and client data, ensuring greater client satisfaction.

Client Relationship Management Software for Service And Support

With Salesforce CRM, you can collect customer support requests from different channels, assign cases to the appropriate team or agent, easily recall the best solutions to customer problems, escalate support cases when necessary, direct customers towards web-based solutions, conform to service-level agreements, and identify areas where service can be improved.

As cloud computing providers, Salesforce India gives your business all the virtual power of 21st century virtual technology: partner/channel management, web communities, award-winning interfaces, point-and-click customisation, and seamless CRM integration. Come join the cloud and bring your business into the Third Millennium in India!

Why Choose CRM Delivered Online vs. Traditional On-Site CRM Software?

On-site IT departments and old-school software is being rapidly replaced by web-based CRM accessed through a web browser, also known as online CRM, hosted CRM, or on-demand CRM. Contemporary businesses are turning to Salesforce India for world-beating applications that manage every lead, event and opportunity, making sure that any interaction with new or existing clients is successful and has been recorded—all without having to invest in software that is expensive to install and maintain. With's pay-as-you-go model, the price of success is enticingly reduced.

  • Web-Based CRM Pays For Itself More Quickly. By removing the need for a huge capital investment on IT infrastructure and technical maintenance staff and streamlining existing IT costs, our Customer Relationship Management Software offers a much quicker return on investment.
  • Web-Based CRM Promises Rapid Time to Value. Removing the need for a huge capital investment fastracks your Customer Relations success, saving your company money with a much quicker ROI than most CRM software.
  • Web-Based CRM Offers Quick Deployment. Hosted CRM implementations can take a few weeks or months, compared to 12 months or longer with traditional client/server CRM tools.
  • Web-Based CRM Makes Customisation Much Easier. With online CRM solutions like Salesforce CRM, basic customisations are so simple that even non-technical users can adapt the app in minutes via a point-and-click interface.
  • Web-Based CRM Provides Unlimited Scalability. uses a multitenant approach - there's no single instance of the software, so you can scale your implementation quickly without high costs - or waiting for weeks or months.
  • Web-Based CRM Features Painless Upgrades. Since deployments of new CRM features are virtually instantaneous and just as easy as upgrades on your favourite consumer or social network site, you're always using the latest version with web-based CRM systems.



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