Nonprofit and higher education


Build stronger
constituent relationships

The rising popularity of social media means there are more ways than ever to connect with the people who matter to your organization. Build relationships with the communities that can help you grow, and find ways to deliver your programs and services in innovative and efficient new ways. can help–with discounts for qualified institutions and organizations.

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Invisible Children video

Rally constituents around your cause

Why not use social media for social good? Develop a social profile of your constituents so you can build more meaningful relationships and engage them more fully in your mission. Like the American Red Cross, who tracks thousands of volunteers, donors, and partners to gain deeper insight into their “likes” and influence.


Grow your community of advocates

Effecting social change often requires spreading the word about your cause and inspiring people to get involved. Mobile and social apps are a burgeoning method of sharing and engaging. Invisible Children is raising awareness with its KONY 2012 campaign and its LRA Crisis Tracker app for iPhone and iPad. The goal: arrest Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony, disarm the LRA, and free central Africa’s child soldiers.