Marketing Cloud is the platform for personalised customer journeys — in every channel.


Email Studio

Personalise email messages with data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and any other source. Send promotional, transactional, and triggered messages. Take advantage of powerful segmentation and automation capabilities. Use powerful reporting tools to understand performance.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
  • Utilise drag-and-drop native predictive recommendations
  • Automate the entire customer lifecycle with Journey Builder
  • Create 1-to-1 experiences with dynamic content, JavaScript, and AMPscript
  • Utilise mobile-optimised email templates
  • Employ drag-and-drop audience segmentation tools
  • Store all your data in one place for a single view of the customer
  • Analyse comprehensive campaign performance at a glance
  • Collaborate across teams with approval workflow processes
  • Share data and features across Email Studio, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud

Mobile Studio

Reach customers at the right moment with SMS, MMS, push messaging, and group messaging — based on events, location, proximity, and more.

  • Engage in two-way mobile communications that include pictures, videos, and audio with MMS
  • Track and send mobile messages across campaigns
  • Drive app engagement with push messaging
  • Track when a customer opens your app, how much time they spend interacting, and details about their location
  • Create and automate custom solutions with mobile APIs
  • Utilise automated geofencing
  • Automate mobile app activities, such as refreshing a list or triggering a send

Social Studio

Listen, publish, engage and analyse conversations on social media to understand customers, brands and competitors.

  • Listen and analyse social media conversations
  • Publish and plan social marketing campaigns
  • Engage and connect across the Web
  • Use social throughout the Salesforce Customer Success Platform
  • Take your social media strategy mobile
  • Monitor your social media presence
  • Drive social advertising results at scale

Web Studio

Create beautiful website and landing pages with personalised content. Track every action your customers take to analyse behaviour and optimise on insight.

  • Collect explicit and implicit behavioural data
  • Build a single view of the customer
  • Leverage customer data and personalised content from a single platform
  • Automatically recommend products, content, and offers
  • Trigger messages based on real-time behaviour
  • Track page views, click-through rates, and more with actionable Web analytics
  • Create smart content with prebuilt and custom layouts

Advertising Studio

Drive business results, and manage your ad campaigns at scale. Unlock your CRM data in Salesforce to securely and powerfully reach your customers, target lookalikes, and optimise advertising as part of the customer journey.

  • Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Use your Salesforce customer data to power your advertising targeting across channels
  • Manage ads at scale using creative permutations, rules automation, and team collaboration tools
  • Visualise data with an optimisation centre
  • Coordinate advertising with sales and service to create unified customer journeys across your organisation

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