Analytics Builder

With Analytics Builder, get powerful email reporting, plus website and mobile analytics to track the performance of your campaigns and customers. Analyse and visualise results across audience, timing, channel, and content to optimise every interaction.

  • Observe customer behaviour.

    Track your website visitors’ behaviours and actions — in real time — across the customer journey with an easy-to-install Web observation tool.

  • Configure and interpret data.

    Use configurable tiles and reports — such as visitor geolocation, site search terms, email conversion, and campaign performance by day — to uncover new insights.

  • Get powerful email analytics and reporting.

    Use email reporting to understand opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more for each of your campaigns — and share them with your colleagues. Leverage powerful custom reporting to understand advanced metrics such as audience engagement over time, best performing send day, and more.

  • Visualise reports.

    Display reporting as a bar graph, pie chart, scatter plot, or heat grid. Uncover patterns and trends with conditional formatting, data bars, trend arrows, or robust filtering.

  • Take timely action.

    With real-time tracking and centralised reporting, respond to the data and testing results instantly.


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