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Power your email marketing with the #1 platform on the market. Create and deliver beautiful campaigns, engage more subscribers, and make the most of every marketing dollar.

Why is Marketing Cloud Engagement the #1 Solution for Email Marketing?

Marketing Cloud Engagement offers the most scalable email marketing solution on the market today. With unlimited content creation capabilities, AI-powered decisioning, and subscriber engagement management -- marketers can build an email program that delivers results and value.

Email Marketing

Build emails easily with simple templates and custom interactive elements. Adjust content for each subscriber using insights from their feedback and preferences. And stay connected in every moment through real-time, always-on communications.

Use intelligent dynamic content to adapt to subscriber preferences in real time. Scale to large segments with AI-powered automations — delivering personalised content to individual subscribers. Optimise send time and frequency for each subscriber to increase email opens and conversions.

Get a single view of your overall program performance, from contact data health to messages sent. Within a single journey, manage different message types, like promotional, transactional, and triggered messages — all built-in within brand guidelines — and easily manage GDPR compliance from one console.

Content Creation

Create beautiful, mobile-first emails quickly with a seamless drag-and-drop interface. Make use of templates, custom content blocks, personalised scripting language, and interactive content like carousels and weather data.

Consolidate images, documents, and content in a single location within Marketing Cloud for a single instance, or shared across multiple business units. Manage your library and tagging system with ease, allowing for flexibility to refresh message components as you re-evaluate always-on campaigns or need to reflect updated brand guidelines.

Create reusable content blocks, including text, HTML, images, buttons, dynamic content, and A/B testing, to ensure that relevant messaging reaches the right subscriber every time. Use code snippets to save reusable bits of code or copy and create nested tags for maximum personalisation. Manage your workflows seamlessly, leveraging the approvals feature to ensure proper sign off is met and keep a clean library by recycling content that you don’t need.

Platform Scale

Grow your campaigns with industry-leading send volume metrics — sending over 4 billion messages daily. Orchestrate your campaigns consistently and reliably, no matter the time of day or year.

The Marketing Cloud platform balances high-velocity data ingestion, even with the most complex workflows, so you can always have confidence in its uptime.

Ensure every message reaches the intended audience. With engagement scoring, manage subscriber preferences and refine your target audience. And, lead every subscriber on their optimal journey with A/B/n testing to inform and improve performance. Manage and track your deliverability effectively, driving optimal performance within a single platform.

AI in the Inbox

With Content Builder, generate data-driven email subject lines and body copy in a single prompt. Create new emails from scratch and refresh older content in an instant. Utilise this feature with confidence, as each output is tailored uniquely to your instance. Set up your own branded tone of voice to guide the AI, ensuring consistency and authenticity, all while ensuring security through our Einstein Trust Layer.

Enhance your ability to measure and analyse campaign performance with pre-built, filterable dashboards. Utilise user-friendly AI to optimise key metrics like send frequency, timing, open rates, and click-through rates. Streamline the process of scheduling and sharing campaign analytics across departments by easily exporting them to any desired location.

Lean on AI to determine the optimal send time for each subscriber and tailor messages according to their engagement likelihood. Strike the perfect balance in message frequency by managing it at the subscriber level, and leverage AI-driven personalised product recommendations and content. Hone your subject lines, performance, and pinpoint crucial KPIs — all with AI-powered insights.

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Email Studio FAQ

An email marketing platform is a software solution that enables businesses and individuals to create, send, and manage email campaigns to a targeted audience. These software providers, also known as Email Service Providers (ESPs), provide tools and features to facilitate various aspects of email marketing, such as designing and customising email templates, managing subscriber lists, tracking campaign performance, and analysing results.

The "best" CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for email marketing can vary depending on specific business needs, preferences, and the scale of operations. Salesforce is a widely-used CRM with a comprehensive set of tools for managing customer relationships. Salesforce CRM integrates seamlessly with Marketing Cloud Engagement, allowing businesses to incorporate email campaigns into their broader customer engagement strategy.

Choose the engagement platform that best suits your business's needs, aligns with your goals, and empowers you to execute effective and successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Key considerations include native connectivity to your data as well as marketing, commerce, and service experiences, channel breadth, flexibility to manage simple and complex journeys, native measurement tools, embedded AI, customer support and training resources, reputation (for example analyst reports and product reviews), as well as dependability and scalability.

Email marketing software is essential for businesses because it facilitates targeted communication for organisations to reach their audience in a personalised and tailored manner. Automation features in the software enable scheduling campaigns in advance to ensure timely and relevant messaging without manual intervention. Businesses leverage email marketing for lead nurturing, guiding prospects through the sales funnel with valuable content and offers. Additionally, it plays a vital role in customer retention by keeping businesses connected with existing customers, seeking feedback, and encouraging repeat purchases.

The analytics tools provided by email marketing software offer insights into campaign performance, tracking metrics like open rates and conversion rates. Personalisation is a key strength, allowing businesses to address recipients by name and customise content based on user behaviour. Cost-effectiveness is another advantage, as email marketing often provides a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Compliance features ensure adherence to regulations, and integration capabilities with other tools streamline data management. Overall, email marketing software provides measurable results, allowing businesses to continuously optimise and improve their marketing strategies.

To choose the best email marketing platform for your business, first define your goals and assess your budget constraints. Consider the ease of use and features offered, ensuring they align with your specific requirements. Evaluate the platform's scalability and its ability to integrate with other tools in your tech stack. Additionally, prioritise platforms with strong customer support, positive user reviews, and a trial period for hands-on evaluation before making a commitment.