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Marketing Cloud Engagement

Mobile Marketing Platform

Create cross-channel campaigns with a mobile marketing platform that connects every moment. Mobile Studio helps marketers deliver cohesive mobile experiences that build loyalty, elevate engagement, and maximise return on investment.

What can you do with a mobile marketing platform?

Engage your audience everywhere with connected, AI-powered mobile marketing. Create connected moments across SMS, third-party messaging, mobile push, app messaging, and beyond. And design, build, and deploy every moment from a single, trusted platform.

Connect Experiences with Mobile App Messaging

Keep customers coming back with personalised push notifications, triggered in-app messages, and consistent communication via the app inbox. Optimise each moment for maximum relevance, timeliness, and ROI with geotargeting and behavioural data.

Journey flow showcasing mobile app engagement interactions

Reach customers on preferred channels with relevant information, using Journey Builder, Data Cloud, API Triggers, and geolocation data. And, with our mobile push SDK, you can track custom mobile events, manage journeys, and trigger personalised messages.

Illustration of the different mobile moments that can trigger consumer experiences

With out-of-the-box app analytics, see how users are engaging and refine your audience targeting through Journey Builder to respond based on user actions. With AI-driven insights, you can optimise send time, engagement scoring, and send frequency.

Connected journey schematic.
Journey flow showcasing mobile app engagement interactions
Illustration of the different mobile moments that can trigger consumer experiences
Connected journey schematic.

Conversational Marketing with WhatsApp

Engage mobile users across commerce, sales, and service experiences. With Meta's WhatsApp Business Platform — integrated directly within Salesforce — transform one-way marketing promotions into dynamic, two-way customer support conversations across a single WhatsApp number. Seamlessly automate experiences with connected AI and chatbots, reducing support and service calls.

Reach a global audience with hyper-personalised mobile messaging experiences, managed within Marketing Cloud Engagement. Use Engagement's segmentation and targeting tools to personalise two-way engagement within WhatsApp, at every point in the customer journey.

Activate real-time, personalised messaging across WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Push & App Messaging, all from the same platform. Engage across every touchpoint to promote and sell products, answer user questions, handle service cases, and more.

SMS Messaging

Manage, track, and optimise SMS messages within Marketing Cloud. Activate alerts, transactional messages, and other subscriber messages across both online and offline channels. And, create SMS templates with a drag-and-drop interface within Content Builder.

Drive higher engagement and personalisation at scale anywhere in the world. Maximise your mobile marketing software to respond immediately to user actions and deliver time-sensitive notifications like order tracking/status, appointments, and customer support.

Use AI-driven decision-making to identify optimal message send times and preferred channels. Personalise sender details, CTAs, and deep links. Use A/B testing to optimise every element, from emojis to offers, and more.

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Marketing Cloud Mobile Engagement FAQ

A marketing engagement platform is a software-as-service that helps brands create and deploy scalable, personalised marketing campaigns. It combines channel-specific marketing with campaign management to deliver personalised moments at every step in the customer journey — from initial awareness to post-purchase engagement.

Engagement marketing platforms provide features such as customer segmentation, personalised messaging, social media integration, email marketing automation, analytics, and campaign management.

The goal is to create meaningful engagement, inspire loyalty, and drive business impact through relevant and valuable content or experiences.

Mobile Studio is a part of Marketing Cloud Engagement. It lets marketers create, deploy, and manage mobile marketing and transactional messaging within one place. Supporting SMS, WhatsApp, mobile push and app messaging, Mobile Studio connects brands with on-the-go customers on their preferred channel and device.

Choosing the right mobile marketing platform warrants several key considerations. In addition to addressing your customers’ needs and your business goals, here are some other important factors to take into account:

  • Native connectivity to your data
  • Integration across marketing, commerce, and service experiences
  • Channel breadth
  • Flexibility to manage simple and complex journeys
  • Native measurement tools - Embedded AI
  • Customer support and training resources
  • Industry reputation (for example analyst reports and product reviews)
  • Dependability and scalability

Today, 61% of customers prefer self-service.* And 65% of customers want an immediate response when contacting a company.* A mobile marketing platform meets these needs and more. Personalised, scalable mobile experiences have a proven ability to generate leads, retain customers, create brand advocacy, and drive revenue with integrated upsell/cross-sell.

*State of the Connected Customer, Sixth Edition. Salesforce. "

No. Journey Builder is the campaign management tool at the heart of Marketing Cloud Engagement and Mobile Studio. It contains several embedded, marketer-friendly AI features like send time optimisation, engagement frequency, and multi-variant testing. With pre-build Journey templates, marketers can start sending promotional and transactional emails, mobile messages, like push and SMS, and any custom channels quickly.

Marketing Cloud Engagement helps brands increase customer satisfaction, inspire brand loyalty, heighten demand, and drive revenue. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement offers these benefits, through solutions for lead generation, customer retention, brand advocacy, and upselling, cross-selling, and more.