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Pardot + Salesforce
The Dynamic Duo



Infographics and E-books

Pardot + Salesforce: The Dynamic Duo

Create the ultimate sales and marketing tool with Pardot.


Salesforce for B2B Marketers: The Complete Guide

Learn why Pardot is the marketing automation solution of choice for Salesforce customers.


8 Ways to Unlock Salesforce with Pardot

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales.



Pardot Datasheet

A quick overview of Pardot marketing automation.



Accelerate Pipe with Pardot B2B Marketing Automation

Learn how you can engage with leads in a whole new way to close more deals faster with Pardot.


How Marketing and Sales Align with Today's B2B Buyer

Explore how savvy marketing and sales teams align with B2B buyers.


7 Advanced Lead Nurturing Tips for Marketing - AND Sales

Address the challenges of lead engagement for both marketing and sales teams and learn how lead nurturing can help solve this problem.


Reports and White Papers

10 Tips for Accelerating Your Pipeline

Increase speed through the pipeline with marketing automation.


The Complete Guide to Automated Lead Scoring and Grading

Qualify your sales leads using blended lead scoring and grading.


How Automation Works: A Visual Guide

Visual learner? This marketing automation graphics kit is for you.


Demo Videos

Pardot Overview

Learn how to power your marketing and sales success with Pardot.


Lead Nurturing Demo

Get a quick overview of Pardot’s lead nurturing capabilities.


Lead Qualification Demo

Qualify sales leads with Pardot marketing automation. Here’s how.


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