Salesforce Files

Put documents, videos, or presentations at the center of sales, service, and marketing. Accessible from anywhere, files are always current to increase productivity and the reuse of valuable assets.


With Salesforce Files, we were able to reduce 10 time-consuming steps down to three simple steps.”

Scott Rosemary, CRM Program Manager, Kelly Services

Integrate into the flow of business.

Keep files where they’re needed — in project groups, or attached to account records, marketing campaigns, or service cases. Employees are more productive in how they sell, service, market, and innovate.

Stay synced and mobile.

Stay in step with your team with Salesforce Files. Securely sync files across any mobile device. Accurate and up to date, your files are more actionable, more relevant, and more accessible than ever. 

Connect any file.

Files Connect unlocks files from third-party repositories making them instantly mobile and social. Customers can connect files in SharePoint to their business processes in Salesforce. Search across repositories in the cloud or on premises with a single command. Find the right file the first time.

Keep files always secure and always available.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Files is 100% enterprise-ready and completely secure. Now you can connect with all of your files, from any device.

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