Commerce Cloud Order Management

The customer journey doesn't end once an order is placed. Create seamless “buy, fulfill, and service anywhere” shopping experiences with our cloud-based order management software.

Support customers from product to payment and from shipment to return.


Offer flexible order fulfillment.

Fully integrated across both Commerce Cloud Digital and Commerce Cloud Store, Order Management acts as the central nervous system for all order information. Give your ​customers the freedom to receive or return a product when, where, and how they want (such as buy online, pickup/return in-store).

Connect shoppers to products every time.

With real-time inventory management shared across all channels, never miss an opportunity to offer customers an available product, regardless of where it is located — in another store, a warehouse, or an entirely different zip code.

Eliminate order management complexity.

Manage cross-channel inventory and order data from a single dashboard, empower store associates with easy fulfillment tools, and simplify decision-making with intelligent algorithms. 

Deliver seamless order fulfillment experiences.


Distributed Order Management Engine

Simplify processes, maximise efficiencies, and deliver the best possible experience to your customers with our powerful Order Management engine. Consistently capture every single order, regardless of how it is placed, and optimise allocation and fulfilment with advanced order routing algorithms.

Extensible Customisation and Integration

Integrate Order Management into your existing systems and critical operations quickly and easily, share key information with other retail systems, and customise to create the perfect fit for both your business and your customers.

Simple Role-Based Interfaces

Empower customer-facing employees with order management tools tailored to their specific needs: customer service agents, store associates, or admin power users. 

Unified Commerce

Unify order management across all channels with seamless, out-of-the-box integration with Commerce Cloud Digital. The result? A single, shared view of shoppers, inventory, orders, catalog, product, and pricing data. 

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