Quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover opportunities to grow the business using Sales Analytics, our ready-to-go analytics product for sales teams.
Once you’ve identified a new opportunity or uncovered a trend, you can quickly create a task, change a close date or share insights on any device. And you can do it all without hunting through spreadsheets or navigating disconnected BI software.
Deliver dynamic sales dashboards to every sales rep on any device. Sales reps can use Activity Tracking, Benchmarking, and Account Whitespace to track performance and find new opportunities.

Deliver a new level of insight to Service Cloud. Use the power of digital analytics to check case trends, agent efficiency, and channel optimisation — no matter where they are.

Quickly pivot from identifying a new opportunity to creating a task, escalating a ticket, changing a close date, or sharing insights. And do it all right from your phone, without sorting spreadsheets, jumpstarting legacy tools, or waiting on analysts.
Your customer relationships are unique, so your service team needs the right information to stay proactive and nimble. Bring all your data together to quickly diagnose problems and alleviate bottlenecks, then turn analysis into answers.
Create analytics apps specific to your business using prebuilt templates, third-party apps, or apps built from scratch.
See your data in the most intuitive way using prebuilt visualisations — or customise your own. Keep track of business metrics and specific KPIs to see how your data trends over time.
Consolidate data from all your Salesforce orgs and external sources in one app. Maximise the effectiveness of your app with data prep tools that clean and optimise the quality of your information.
Einstein Discovery uses artificial intelligence to analyse millions of data combinations, make predictions, and then give you recommendations. Get insights from Einstein Discovery, then take action in your CRM without ever leaving Salesforce.
Get explanations of charts and insights in natural language. Automatically generate reports as PowerPoint presentations with embedded speaker notes.
Get an even more accurate analysis of your data by providing Einstein Discovery feedback. Einstein Discovery will improve mathematical models based on your input, so you get exactly what you need from your data.
Get a complete view of your data by pulling information from Pardot, Sales Cloud, and even external sources. Then, create customised dashboards that provide the insights you need based on your role.
See how your prospects and customers engage with specific aspects of your marketing programs by viewing all aspects of your data. Save these views as lenses so you can access them in the future.
Execute informed business actions from wherever you are. Access your data from any device, and send key insights to your team at any time. Make informed decisions from wherever you are.
Gain deeper understanding of the health of your applications with Event Monitoring Analytics. You can provide better support and identify performance issues that may impact your overall user experience.
Now it’s easier to manage the success of your Salesforce implementation. Track the usage of features like Lightning UI or the Salesforce mobile app to ensure adoption, increase engagement, and drive best practices.
Identify user actions that could compromise your data security. With Event Monitoring Analytics, you can see what information employees are accessing — making it easier to prevent the loss or misuse of critical data.
With 15 prebuilt dashboards and custom views into more than 29 types of events, this app helps admins and leaders get more out of their Salesforce investment.
Test drive Einstein Analytics and explore real datasets.