Service Analytics helps your service experts better understand customers and what makes them happy.
Deliver personalised service with predictive CSAT-based existing Salesforce data and trends. Every employee can stay ahead of business concerns by identifying product issues, customer issues, and churn risks with data-driven insights. And reps resolve issues faster and get recommendations for the next best actions.
Discover insights for every channel and customer conversation. Automatically populate dashboards with Service Cloud data, and gain visibility into your business with omni-channel, chat, activity, and backlog analysis. Then, embed customer service dashboards anywhere in your CRM to increase visibility within the company and promote collaboration.
Easily drill into customer profiles and case history with Service Analytics. Optimise agent productivity and case queues to deliver better customer experience. Create cases, update case history, and collaborate with your team directly from the Service Cloud console you already use. Since it’s not structured like legacy business intelligence solutions, you can quickly diagnose service issues and find the best answers quickly.
Reach faster resolutions and create happier customers when you explore and act on trends in every channel. With Service Analytics, agents and managers can create tasks, escalate cases, or even open opportunities from within the Salesforce apps you already use, on any device.
Bring the power of Field Service Analytics to your entire team. See how you can quickly track case management, agent efficiency, and channel optimisation. Get 38% faster decision-making and a deeper understanding of what makes customers happy.
Test drive Einstein Analytics and explore real datasets.