Streamline user access with a single login from Salesforce Identity.

Discover the power of a single, trusted identity for employees, partners, and customers. Manage apps, users, and data sharing with simplicity and transparency.

Give everyone a better sign-in experience.

Create a sign-in that's easier and frictionless for users. Make password problems for users minimal. Customers and employees can sign in the way they want with social media credentials for access.

Drive productivity with a single identity for every app.

Increase employee productivity and satisfaction by providing single sign-on for all your cloud, mobile, and on-premises apps. That makes it easier for IT — and your increasingly mobile workforce.


Get a better view of customers on every channel.

Deliver a better user experience with Salesforce Identity for Customers. Get a better view of your customers as you engage them across every channel. You can even allow them to use social media credentials for access, thus sparing them from yet another password.

Integrate directories with easy syncing.

Extend the value of on-premises enterprise directories such as Active Directory through simple synchronization, desktop single sign-on, and delegated authentication.

Deploy two-factor authentication to secure apps and data.

Trust, but verify. Deploy two-factor authentication (2FA) across your organisation to secure your apps and data. Deliver enterprise-class security with a seamless, friction-free employee experience. Salesforce Authenticator lets employees access business-critical apps with just one tap, from anywhere.

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