Introducing myTrailhead: Reinvent learning and enablement.

Discover how easy it is to reinvent learning and enablement at your company with myTrailhead. Make learning customised and fun — at every step of an employee’s learning journey.

Empower employees with the skills of the future.


Customise content.

Create and brand your own learning content.

Make learning fun.

Gamify learning with points and badges.

Share guided paths.

Build and share custom paths for learning journeys.

Motivate and track.

Inspire employees to reach goals with assignments, ranks, and leaderboards.

Rate and reward.

Give real-time feedback and recognition on demonstrated skills.

Empower employees.

Skill up employees with on-demand, bite-size learning.

Help everyone get more from the #1 CRM with Trailhead, the fun way to learn Salesforce.

Empower everyone to drive business success with Salesforce. From free guided learning paths to live classes and workshops, now everyone — in any role or department — can get the skills they need.


Discover a learning platform built for everyone.

There are three ways to get anyone going, from developers to admins to business users, at any level. It’s just what you need, when you need it.

Learn Online

Self-guided learning lets you go at your own pace, earn badges, and chart progress.

Learn in Class

Give people more in-depth training with our experts in live classes and workshops.

Learn from Each Other

Empower everyone to find just the answers and tips they need from fellow Trailblazers.


Grow careers and make everyone more productive.

Everyone can join the learning adventure and collect badges and points as they go. At every step, anyone can level up skills and earn superbadges and credentials to show they’ve got what it takes to crush complex real-world challenges — and gain industrywide recognition of their new expertise.


Get together with millions of fellow Trailblazers.

Join fellow Trailblazers to learn together, inspire each other, and blaze new trails in your career. Get answers, collaborate, and share ideas in our Trailblazer community. Network with peers in your area and discover great opportunities at events near you.

Reinvent learning and enablement at your company with myTrailhead.

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