Give developers — and admins — the freedom to test their ideas in a safe, isolated, development environment, using real org data. Then, IT organisations can choose which apps to deploy and when.
Salesforce Sandbox is a true mirror of production — all of your metadata and customer data — is securely available without any additional setup or management. Changes can be made without disruption to your active org or business operations.
Build apps fast leveraging agile methodologies in a cloud-based environment that integrates into your development process and refreshes with one click on a schedule. Developers spend less time working around the constraints of production data, seamlessly handing off tests, new features, and configuration.
Anyone in your org — admins, developers, business analysts — can test new workflows, customisations, or apps prior to deployment. Training teams can leverage a Sandbox environment to bring new users up to speed quickly, without any risk to live data.
With streamlined application lifecycle management (ALM) processes and polices, IT can deliver faster providing more time to innovate. Experience more satisfied Salesforce users with better application quality, fewer disruptions, and training.
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