Workflow Automation and Process Management Software

Design, run and manage any business process with point-and-click simplicity. Create repeatable success through the power of workflow automation in your deal cycle. From discounts to business request approvals, build, automate and deliver custom workflows with Salesforce process automation software.

Automate business operations with workflow automation.

Process Builder provides a simple point-and-click interface for automating business processes. Optimise workflow processes for deals over a certain size, create automatic email alerts or auto-assign tasks as a deal moves through different stages of the sales pipeline.

Build workflow processes with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Automate complex sales processes with drag-and-drop actions in Process Builder. Create workflows that guide sales reps through qualification conversations and recommend next steps on a deal. Augment, or even replace, complex manual tasks like custom proposals with custom workflows.

Optimise the sales cycle with automatic approvals.

Automate approval processes for any business requests, including deal discount approvals, travel, and expense reports. Address requests that require manual approval rules directly in Chatter or via email.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Workflow automation allows businesses to automate manual tasks, track progress, and manage tasks with ease. Process Builder provides a simple point-and-click interface to build and automate nearly any process, like guiding agents through qualifying conversations, auto-fill orders, drafting proposals, or setting automated updates and notifications. Create repeatable success with workflow automation software from Salesforce.

Free up time for your sales reps by automating manual tasks and streamlining their workflow. Now your team has the tools they need to spend more time selling. With this cloud-based workflow management software, you can:

  • Automate business processes with Process Builder
  • Set automatic email alerts
  • Auto-assign tasks to sales reps
  • Create workflows for every step in the sales process
  • Automate your business requests approval process
  • Improve customer service and response time
In this digital age, businesses have more tools available to save time, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration than ever before. With workflows and approvals from Sales Cloud, your sales team can move leads down the pipeline and close more deals, faster. From automation to streamlined workflows, you can experience the time-saving features for yourself.

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