Grow your sales, find new customers, and close deals faster — from anywhere.


Your Sales Cloud Lightning home page is more than just a business performance dashboard: It’s an instant snapshot of your sales pipeline development. Stay on the sales fast track with the interactive Performance Chart, and gain background intelligence on prospects and industries with Account Insights. You even have a personal assistant to alert you on overdue tasks and trouble spots, along with hot leads and opportunities.

Sales Cloud Lightning drives sales performance by showing all your opportunities in one place and revealing critical information in a detailed activity timeline. Know your competition, deal stages, and next moves to increase sales revenue.


Growing a pipeline starts with intelligently tracking leads through CRM data analysis and advanced sales forecasts. Turn to the ultimate sales pipeline tool for the most up-to-date contact information, sales productivity metrics, and best practices.

Your customer data is always at hand in Sales Cloud Lightning, including key contacts, communication history, and more. By seeing where your customers are in the sales cycle, other deals they touch, and the best ways to engage and work together, you gain a clear picture of your sales growth strategy.


Stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale, from anywhere.


Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, contacts, and internal and customer communications.


Increase sales productivity by getting the right sales data at the right time, and connecting with key decision-makers faster.


Easily track lead volume, conversion rates, and every part of your pipeline for a real-time view of the state of your business.

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