Be the leader your sales team needs.

Skill up your people faster than ever. Boost productivity at every step of the sales cycle and all reps meet their full potential.


Whatfix takes on the global digital adoption platform market with Salesforce

As Whatfix aims to enable adoption of enterprise technology across their customers, they are automating and streamlining their internal processes to serve those customers better and faster.

With Salesforce, there are no silos of information. Every single piece of data is doing its job. It’s integrated and sent back to a single repository to provide a 360-degree view for all teams.”


Make virtual your new normal.

Screen to screen is the new face to face. Continue to develop deeper relationships with your customers, from anywhere.

Go from growing pains to revenue gains.

Understand the new scope of selling. Get a complete view of every customer. Unify all of your sales activities on a single platform.

Inspire your team. Ignite your sales.

For every good rep there is a great manager by their side. Adapt to remote collaboration and coaching with the tools that make managing easier than ever.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Use intelligent automation to speed up your processes. Get recommendations and insights to close deals faster, with the help of AI.

High Velocity Sales

Enable your sales team on virtual selling. Redesign your processes. Increase productivity. And coach every rep to revenue success.

Salesforce Maps

Cruise through territory planning and leave spreadsheets in the dust. Optimise your reps’ activities with location-based data. All from within your CRM.

Salesforce Meetings

Manage every meeting efficiently, from the first hello to the final signature. Get prepared, engage customers more effectively, and follow up faster than ever before.


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