Engage buyers effectively and efficiently with a centralised engagement tool

Inside sales is trending. Give your reps everything they need to succeed now and tomorrow. Efficiently reach the best leads, intelligently convert leads, and create new opportunities in one seamless workspace — all with the help of Sales Engagement, formerly known as High Velocity Sales.

Revolutionise sales processes and boost productivity for every inside rep every day.


Sales Cadences help you set the pace and lead the way.

By creating sequences of sales activities, sales managers can create the perfect sales process to bring out the best in their reps and make every sales success easy to repeat.

Work Queues empower reps to make the most of every moment.

With Work Queue automation, one glance is all a rep needs to find the right next step to take with the right lead.

Call prospects faster with one click using Lightning Dialer.

Reps can say goodbye to wrangling numbers or juggling phones. Salesforce’s native Lightning Dialer raises productivity by putting click-to-call right in the console. Local presence, automatic call logging, multiple voicemail drops, and more save hours everyday.

Einstein Lead Scoring prioritises leads to help reps convert.

With Einstein Lead Scoring, you can automatically analyse your data to see which leads are most likely to convert and why.

Reduce manual data entry with AI-powered activity capture.

Spend more time on deals, not data entry. Automatically associate relevant emails and meetings to the right records, right from your inbox with Einstein Activity Capture.

Lightning Sales Console delivers a unified, intuitive sales experience.

Sales reps now have everything they need to sell faster all in one screen — from following up on leads and assessing companies to identifying key contacts and more.

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The Sales Engagement experience is here.