Improve every aspect of the customer experience with our managed Salesforce IoT and our unique, customer-first approach. Get real-time insights from customer behaviour by connecting all your IoT devices to all your Salesforce apps.
 IoT data can be invaluable to your business, employees, and customers, but just capturing the data by itself doesn’t guarantee success. Here are a few of the ways Salesforce IoT makes the most of connecting both device and customer data.

Better serve your customers and understand product behaviour by creating Device profiles based on Customer Context Data in CRM and Streaming data from Connected Devices.

  • Streaming Data
    Make the data transmitted by every IoT-enabled device more meaningful with context around how the device is used.
  • Context Data
    Get a complete picture of what’s happening by combining everything you already know about your customer with IoT device data.

Import data from any source using our RESTful API — everything from mobile applications to complex device networks managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Easily capture device activity, performance, location, user interactions, and more.

Quickly aggregate and prep data with our easy-to-use tools. Filter, merge, and append data, or change its format entirely. Perform any transformation with JSON, CSV, and TSV data formats.

Avoid data indigestion hassles thanks to our partnerships with other major IoT innovators like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco Systems, and other companies.

Quickly create and manage orchestration rules for any device state without needing a CS degree. Visually build out logic for any event or condition to trigger meaningful actions based on customer knowledge and real-time events.

See how your customers and devices are interacting in real time. Monitor the status of your orchestrations with Traffic View, a visual dashboard that shows the state of IoT devices in relation to your customer experience.

Get more business value from your IoT data by outputting directly into your favourite Salesforce applications. Trigger actions across any application or create custom outputs for your own products.

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