Small and Medium Business Trends Report

Insights from over 2,500 small and medium business owners and leaders worldwide.

1. Communities and Governments Step Up

Animated Pie Chart showing 67%

Sixty-seven percent of SMB leaders say community support has been important to their company’s survival.


2. SMBs Transform Employee and Customer Engagement

Animated Pie Chart showing 71%

Seventy-one percent of SMBs say their customers expect online transactions and nearly the same proportion have an ecommerce presence.


3. SMBs Embrace the Digital-First World

Animated Pie Chart showing more than 50%

More than half of growing SMBs accelerated investments in sales and customer service technology over the past year.


4. SMBs Foresee Long-Term Changes

Animated Pie Chart showing 75%

Seventy-five percent of SMB leaders believe shifts they’ve made to their business operations over the past year will benefit them long-term.


Download the report for more small business trends, and to learn:

  • Which challenges are still the most daunting for SMBs
  • How growing SMBs have adapted their operations for success
  • The state of SMBs, featuring data from 18 different countries

What drives business resilience and growth during a crisis? We asked thousands of global professionals. Read the report.

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