Highlights from the State of Commerce.

We surveyed 4,000+ commerce leaders and analysed data from 1B+ buyers worldwide. See what these insights mean for your business. Sort and find out below.

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Top priorities and challenges for commerce organisations


Top priorities (left) and top challenges that businesses are unprepared for (right)


Data & Automation

Actionable data is driving
personalised engagement.

The right data plays a powerful role in customer experiences from pre to post-sale. Digital leaders are putting this data into action, driving personalisation, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. And they’re finding efficiencies with automation, making them better prepared to weather macroeconomic changes like inflation.

Firms focus on putting data into action

Commerce professionals report how prepared their organisations are to use data for personalisation and AI. Data is filterable by industry and country.


Efficiency & Productivity

Companies renew focus on
agility and profitability.

Digital commerce allows for a faster time to close and improves productivity of sales teams, and increases customer satisfaction across the board. Companies using headless architecture are more efficient and seeing greater ecommerce success. And flexibility reigns: payment options are expanding rapidly.


Headless commerce is gaining momentum.

Companies report their plans on implementing headless architecture within the next two years and what benefits they see from having headless. Data is filterable by industry and country.


New options meet old fears at the moment of purchase

Commerce professionals report their plans to implement new payment types (such as ApplePay, Buy Now Pay Later, etc) now and within the next two years. Data is filterable by industry and country.



Distributed and complex commerce emerges as the norm.

The role of digital commerce is expanding. More channels. More SKUs. More partners. Expectations are higher than ever as commerce becomes increasingly distributed and complex. One thing that’s for certain? New channels are key to digital success.

New channels are key to digital success.

Reported share of organisations' revenue coming from digital channels, and digital channels where organisations are invested in today. Data is filterable by industry and country.


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Practitioner insights in this report come from a double-blind survey conducted throughout February 2022 that generated 4,102 responses from commerce professionals that held a director or higher leadership role. Respondents included professionals from B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies across North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Europe. All respondents are third-party panelists (and were not limited to Salesforce customers). Buying activity was collected from websites operating on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. To qualify for inclusion, a digital commerce site must have conducted transactions throughout the analysis period (Q1 2019 through Q1 2022) and met a monthly minimum visit and order threshold. Additional data hygiene factors were applied to ensure consistent metric calculation. Any forecasts within this report are forward-looking projections based on current and prior values and do not guarantee future performance or results. This data is not indicative of the operational performance of Commerce Cloud or its reported financial metrics, including GMV growth and comparable customer GMV growth.

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