Inside Sales Console

The dashboard-like interface gives inside sales reps an efficient way to follow up on leads, assess companies, identify key contacts, and access sales intelligence.

The only universal desktop experience for inside sales reps.

  • Access information from a single interface.

    Designed for flexibility, administrators can easily configure a console specific to each business process. The result: increased productivity and an improved user experience.

  • Follow up on leads faster.

    An inside sales rep can easily manage their inbound lead queue and tasks on one screen providing easy access to key lead details and sales intelligence, helping them qualify and move more deals to the next stage.

  • Uncover new leads without leaving the screen.

    Inside sales reps can quickly see account records and related items as tabs on one screen, making it easy to identify key contacts and quickly jot notes for each record, speeding up the sales process.

  • See multiple tabs in one view.

    See records and their related items as tabs on one screen: easily zero in on critical information at your fingertips. Spot important record fields fast: eliminate the time wasted digging for data. Quickly jot notes or log actions on each record: document cases faster.


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