Marketing Automation

With Pardot Marketing Automation, marketing and sales can work hand-in-hand to manage all prospect interactions and create, deploy, and manage online campaigns from a central platform.

Accelerate pipeline and drive sales with marketing automation.

  • Generate high quality leads.

    Fill your pipeline with high quality leads. Create custom landing pages, build dynamic lead capture forms, and then optimise with simple-to-use testing tools. You can also integrate your Google AdWords campaigns for complete insight into your lead gen efforts.

  • Create personalised, targeted emails.

    Design compelling, personalised emails. Nurture leads automatically, and send and track emails from popular email clients with third party plug-ins.

  • Accelerate sales pipeline.

    Automate your lead routing process for quick lead follow-up, and shorten the length of your sales cycle. Leads not quite ready to buy? Easily add them to a nurture campaign — nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.

  • Pursue only the best leads.

    Track and monitor prospect activities so sales can follow up with the right offer. Set alerts that engage sales when prospects signal interest in your product or service.

  • Calculate marketing ROI.

    Accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Discover where prospects are getting stuck in your sales funnel, calculate your cost per lead, and tie closed deals back to the original campaign.


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