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Regardless of your job title, Sales Cloud Lightning can help you and your team close every deal — from anywhere — by connecting your customers, employees, and partners in a whole new way.

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Sales Professional

Sales Professionals

Sales reps are the lifeblood of your organisation. They build pipeline, close business, and strengthen customer relationships. They work best with a CRM solution that provides intelligent suggestions for next steps, and streamlines meetings, phone calls, emails, and other tasks to keep sales moving. See how Sales Cloud Lightning shortens the sales cycle.


Sales Leaders

Effective sales leaders constantly position teams for success. Sales Cloud Lightning helps grow sales faster by providing the best tools to boost productivity, increase sales conversion rates, and make selling easier. It’s the ultimate tool to build sales pipeline and optimise your channel strategy.

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Sales Operations Professional

Sales Operations

Sales operations leaders fine-tune the sales process to better support business objectives. They need a CRM solution that measures sales productivity, radically improves financial reporting for budgeting and forecasts, and is a central collaboration platform.


Marketing Leaders

Successful modern marketers enable sales teams with high-quality leads — and ways to convert and close faster. With the right CRM solution, marketing and sales can work together to deliver an ROI that crushes targets.

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IT Professional

IT Professionals

While IT professionals in the past may have merely maintained the servers and kept the lights on, the rise of cloud computing has given this role new life and scope. Sales Cloud Lightning empowers IT professionals to add more business value, rapidly create apps, and uncover new opportunities.


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