Enterprise Territory Management

Model your sales territories into a logical and flexible structure that matches the right sales reps to the right customers.

Create and preview multiple territory strategies and activate the one that works best.

  • Clone a territory model and test different structures and scenarios.

    Copy a territory model so you can safely explore alternative modeling options. Use the new model to try out variations: new hierarchies, assignment rules, or territory assignements.

  • Define an assignment rule once, use It in multiple territories.

    Assign a single rule to multiple territories. If you start from a territory record, you can also apply the rule to the territory’s descendants.

  • Run territory rules directly from the territory hierarchy.

    A Run Rules option for each territory in the hierarchy means you can run rules for individual territories without leaving the context of the hierarchy.

  • Identify territory users by territory role.

    Territory roles can help assigned users identify colleagues, collaborators, and other key resources to help close deals. Territory users can even have different roles in different territories.


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