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Sales Team Productivity

Sell faster by bringing together your people, Sales Cloud data, and process automation where team selling happens with Slack Sales Elevate. Align sales teams through access to customer records, accounts, opportunities, and key metrics. Surface real-time deal information to improve team visibility at every stage of the deal cycle. Keep teams focused on selling and speed up wins with deal alerts, automated deal support and approvals, and easy CRM updates — from anywhere, on any device.

Increase visibility and productivity across sales teams to win more with Slack Sales Elevate.

Get deals across the finish line faster with a single working space where CRM data and conversation come together for every sales team member and their partners.

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Drive sales efficiency with automation and AI — all in Slack.

Real-time Alerts
Understand your sales priorities with real-time notifications from Sales Cloud in Slack. Easily create and view automatic alerts and personalised reminders to keep everyone - from sales reps to managers and leaders - on top of deal movements, team wins, and pipeline changes.

AI-Ready Workflows
Enable sellers to close faster with time-saving workflows that automate processes – from pipeline management to approvals – right in Slack. Empower anyone to customise admin-enabled workflows without code and deploy them safely. Boost workflows with AI prompts that generate executive briefings and CRM-powered insights.

Best Practice Sales Templates
Simplify sales processes and save reps time with a library of pre-built, customisable templates for account planning, customer briefings, and more. Bring process automation, sales best practices, and Sales Cloud together to build account-winning strategies and close deals faster.

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Centralise team selling and improve visibility.

Record-mapped Channels
Break down data and communication silos by pulling the account team and relevant Sales Cloud data into Slack channels. Access the right sales data at the right time to get deals across the finish line. Collaborate on deals and align across stakeholders working from the most up-to-date Salesforce account and opportunity records.

Team Goal Tracking
Track individual and team progress toward goals with a role-specific KPI dashboard connected to Sales Cloud. Help sales leaders, managers, and reps measure performance against key metrics including open opportunities and revenue generation inside of Slack.

Sales Dashboard
Drive sales visibility with personalised, role-specific insights from Sales Cloud in every seller's Slack workspace. Deliver a complete view of accounts, opportunities, key metrics, and deal alerts, accessible to sellers in a single click.

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Effortlessly update deals from wherever you are.

Instant CRM Updates
Give reps more time to sell by simplifying Sales Cloud account and data management without leaving Slack. Quickly view and update all opportunities with conversational context and immediately sync changes back to Sales Cloud with bi-directional CRM updates. Drive pipeline accuracy with more frequent CRM updates to forecast with confidence.

Automated Activity Tracking
Ensure CRM data quality with automated workflows that make logging activities easy and fast. Eliminate context switching by quickly logging calls and meetings into Sales Cloud right from Slack. Capture activities and meetings that lead to revenue.

Mobile Access
Move deals forward from anywhere on any device with CRM access from Slack. Quickly update the Salesforce opportunity record or add customer meeting notes on the go. Get advice from your team in Slack channels and connect with stakeholders, customers, and partners instantly from mobile devices.

Explore solutions that make your sales team more productive.


Power productivity with automation, knowledge, AI, and collaboration at the centre of an open, extensible platform in Slack.

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Get started with Slack Sales Elevate.

Maximise sales team productivity and efficiency with our integrated solution that combines Sales Cloud data with a Slack-first experience. Starting at just $60 USD/user/month.

Slack Sales Elevate brings CRM to a system that Sales already knows and loves: Slack. It weaves all their work within a user-friendly platform, making pipeline management and actionable business insights infinitely more accessible and efficient.

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Director, Business Operations, Roku

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Sales Team Productivity FAQ

Slack Sales Elevate is a natively integrated Sales Cloud and Slack solution, tailored for sales teams, that brings your opportunities, accounts, and metrics to the same place you’re already having selling conversations, powering your work with CRM data.

Slack Sales Elevate improves sales team productivity by bringing your people, processes, tools, and actionable Sales Cloud data into selling conversations in Slack. Teams can stay aligned and close deals faster with a single view of their customer—all in one place.

Slack is the productivity platform for customer companies that unlocks your organisation’s full potential with AI, data and CRM. Slack goes beyond chat and video collaboration, empowering teams to automate any process with no code, find and share relevant data and knowledge, and engage with AI in a trusted and flexible conversational platform.

Sales Cloud’s sales force automation software helps companies sell smarter, faster and more efficiently by providing everything your sales teams need on one integrated platform.

Yes. Slack is an open, extensible platform that allows customers to integrate other apps and tools, including their CRM. Salesforce customers can get started today with our new, native Sales Cloud and Slack solution, Slack Sales Elevate by chatting with our sales team.