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"We’re saving up to $10,000 a month by using Premier+ Success, and we can ensure our solutions are not compromised by technical issues."

–Chris Nugent, Service Delivery Manager, Fulton Hogan


Customer Profile: Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan builds and maintains transport and civil infrastructure for communities, including civil construction, asphalt surfacing and long-term asset maintenance. This work requires maintaining and updating a number of applications for project and construction management in the field, surface testing, R&D, and more. These applications are mission-critical, since operations grind to a halt if anything fails.

Service Delivery Manager, Chris Nugent, is responsible for delivering IT services and managing the company’s Salesforce environment with a staff of four. He relies on Premier+ Success to save time on administration and maintenance for Sales Cloud, and also to help support more than 2,500 users on the Salesforce Platform. He estimates Premier+ Success saves his IT services team 5 − 10 hours each month.

The Premier+ Success developer support has helped the in-house developer team at Fulton Hogan resolve issues they were not able to overcome on their own. "The result of using developer services has been substantial cost and time savings in delivery of application projects that have genuinely advanced the business," says Nugent.


  • Create custom-tailored apps in-house quickly and cost-effectively
  • Save on support and administrative costs
  • Ensure technical issues do not impede business continuity


  • Premier+ Success provides best practices and troubleshooting support to Fulton Hogan developers and users, enabling them to cost-effectively deliver and manage the critical apps that drive business value for the company, while saving up to $10,000 a month.


  • Support more than 2,500 Salesforce users with four-person staff
  • Save $10,000 per month through Premier+ Success services and support
  • Help ensure non-disruptive business operations for customers
  • Develop user and customer apps that drive business value
  • Save 5 − 10 hours each month on administration and maintenance

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Countries: Asia Pacific
Industry: Civil Engineering, Construction
Solution: Premier+ Success; Salesforce Platform; Sales Cloud