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"Premier+ has boosted our return on investment because we’ve been able to hand off a lot of the more time-consuming tasks to them. That frees me up as a business analyst and project manager to implement our strategic business projects a lot faster."

–Patricia Bussel, Business Analyst, Siemens AG


Customer Profile: Siemens AG

Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the fields of industry, energy, and healthcare as well as providing infrastructure solutions, primarily for cities and metropolitan areas. Th e company is the world’s largest provider of environmental technologies and green solutions.

Siemens Energy uses Salesforce for everything from pre- and post-sales to maintaining service contracts. With small IT teams supporting many end users across the world, Siemens relies on Salesforce Premier+ Success to streamline end-user support and increase productivity of its IT staff. Additionally, the Premier+ Customer Support Manager attends the company’s quarterly IT team meetings to learn more about how Siemens is using Salesforce and share best practices.


  • Streamline end-user support
  • Free up IT staff to focus on strategic business initiatives


  • Salesforce Premier+ Success significantly increases productivity of IT team and end-user community


  • Support 500 Salesforce users with a staff of three
  • Complete IT projects 20% faster on average
  • Implement strategic corporate initiatives faster by off-loading day-to-day support
  • Train end users on new features faster with Premier online training

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Countries: Global
Industry: Engineering and Electronics Conglomerate
Solution: Salesforce Premier+ Success