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Bajaj FinServ Lending

Financial Services

Salesforce CRM is nothing short of a revolution for our sales finance business!

Bajaj FinServ Lending uses Salesforce to Completely Transform Their Business


  • Needed solution with unlimited scalability for  end to end  new loan underwriting and  to cross sell multiple products on existing  customer database
  • Specifically sought ‘best in the business’ to minimise time and resource investment in IT and allow focus to remain on serving customers
  • Wanted high degree of flexibility to accommodate dynamic changes in market place
  • Required solution to be clearly cost effective and  to deliver quick ROI returns
  • Need to dramatically increase speed of loan approvals and to handle huge number of real time transactions across distribution
  • Uncompromised data  security, control and compliance essential,  as a customer facing lending  business


  • implementation partner WiPro implemented SalesForce CRM for 300 users in April’09
  • Deployed across Call Centre, Sales, Credit and Operations teams
  • Implementation cycle, from concept to solution build, of just 3 months
  • Integration with Dialer, Dedupe system, Credit Bureau, SMS, and more recently GoogleMaps (to access customer locations from within


  • User-ready, feature rich CRM solution with excellent capacity for customisation to the business’s needs
  • Deep insights into day-to-day business operations through real time dashboards and sophisticated easy to create reporting analytics
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Complete  end to end processing, from sourcing to loan approval processes,  consolidated on a single centralised platform
  • Unmatched cost effectiveness within a subscriber-based Sales Cloud model
  • Greatly improved flow of approval between operations centres and the dealer network
  • Guaranteed loan approval time is now 15 minutes – key processes required for loan approval have been slashed to just four minutes!
  • Rise in transactions from 1,500 per day during holiday season to a record 8,500 in a single day , processing one transaction every 4 secs during peak hour!
  • Salesforce CRM SSP (Self Service Portal) provides valuable tool for enabling dealers to log cases directly from the counter.
  • Increase in business volume at the counter of 166%
  • General productivity of Operations staff up by 46%
  • 100% decision accuracy achieved within Underwriting – validation rules ensure accurate data entry
  • Cross sell  conversion rates up 66% from Q1 to Q2

Full Case Study

Bajaj Auto Finance Limited is an asset finance company, dealing in the financing of consumer durables, personal computers, personal and small business loans, loans against property and loans against shares.

Bajaj recently moved its consumables financing and cross sell divisions onto, extending the functionality of cloud based CRM to 300 employees across 50+ Indian cities

Among the multiple reasons for moving to a single platform CRM was to achieve a greater ability to drive the loan product in the stores.

“In our consumer durable business, customers typically choose to pay by either cash, credit card or by loan instalments. Typical transactions are by cash and credit card considering the ease in completing the product purchase.  But, credit card repeatedly wins out against loans because of the hassle of loan approval. We wanted to introduce a set of procedures and have a system in place to make loan approval instant and appealing!” explains Devang Mody, Business Leader – Salesfinance and Cross Sell.

In addition, Bajaj wanted to build campaign management systems for targeting   customers with a good payment record  and extending  the  personal loan offers available to them.

Back office functions were also up for review. These typically involved indentifying 1.5 million eligible customers from a database of around six million and then managing those contacts through the end to end sales cycle. Bajaj had previously been relying upon a home grown CRM, Microsoft Access and a series of Excel spreadsheets, which proved painful, difficult to scale and lacked accuracy. A single system was called for to take the headache out of managing both back office and front office functions to vastly improve loan turnaround times.


“ came forward with an uncomplicated solution that didn’t require us to channel resources into buying and maintaining hardware and software, leaving us free to strategise and focus our energy on delivering what the business needs.  Salesforce also enabled us to roll out new products and processes across our distribution network with fantastic ease!’s cloud solution is an ideal match for our business,” says Jay Krishnan, Head of CRM, Bajaj Auto Finance.

Salesforce CRM went live in April 2009 and Bajaj set about using the system’s intuitive customisation toolset to bring all of the division’s major processes online with the integration of call centre application Dialer, internal dedupe system, Credit Bureau, and corporate mobile services (for SMS notification functionality).


In particular, the facility for sending out SMS directly from to dealers to communicate loan approval has had a significant impact on loan turnaround times, slashing them down to around four minutes! Sharpened approval timelines help Bajaj to fulfil its ultimate goal in marketing the personal loan as a viable alternative to credit card.

A major indication of the success of is the level of loan activity during holiday season. Prior to implementation loan applications stood at around 1,500 per day, however the holiday season immediately following the deployment of Salesforce CRM showed a peak of 8,500 in a single day!

“We are talking about one transaction taking place roughly every four seconds – it is a testimony to the system’s robustness,” says Krishnan
Salesforce CRM has also provided Bajaj with a critical competitive advantage through supporting the roll out of Dealer Terminalisation, an industry first for a consumables financing company within the Indian Market.

“Our business is high transaction and low ticket - cost and efficiency makes all the difference between growth versus death.  Salesforce CRM has helped us to harness the power of internet, which in turn has helped us to achieve these objectives with a high level of customer satisfaction,” says Devang Mody, Business Head – Salesfinance & Cross Sell.

Key Stats

  • Web site: Bajaj FinServ Lending
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Size: Enterprise
  • Region: Asia Pacific (APAC)