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Without Salesforce we wouldn’t have the business we have today. The model would have been different and the business smaller because we wouldn’t have been able to afford the technology, or the time to customize it

Force.com custom cloud drives Ffreedom Financial Planners early success


  • India’s tough business environment called for IT using click model for rapid success
  • Core system must provide scalability to accommodate growth, and native flexibility allowing business to evolve
  • Selected development platform must allow Ffreedom to innovate quickly
  • Being a startup, burning large chunks of capital on business infrastructure was out of the question


  • Business developed from ground up in salesforce.com starting with a single user licence
  • Combining elements of Sales Cloud and customization based on the Force.com Enterprise Edition Ffreedom has created its own business system it calls Advisory Factory
  • Google applications and documents embedded
  • Corporate website built using Force.com’s sites technology and customer servicing happens through Force.com’s customer portal technology
  • Chatter Collaboration Cloud redefines corporate communication


  • All aspects of Ffreedom’s business, from campaign  management, capturing and tracking customer profiles, financial planning and execution, franchise and client relationship management, to HR managed in Advisory Factory
  • Six figure savings in development costs, standing at around 20% compared with standard client server approach
  • Time to market just one month versus the best part of a year
  • Groups with similar interests instantly coalesce in Chatter 

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