Infinity InfoTech Parks Limited


With Salesforce we didn’t have to worry about engaging IT resources – our platform was bug-free right from the beginning.

On time, no bugs, just as we asked for: Infinity gets Sales Cloud


  • Even though it was well staffed, real estate developer Infinity InfoTech Parks Limited was having trouble managing its customer contact information
  • Relying on a hodgepodge of Excel spreadsheets, sales staff were missing customer follow-ups and opportunities were slipping away
  • Managers got information about sales reps’ activity well after the fact and couldn’t track new opportunities
  • Any new platform would need to cover property purchases and lease sign-offs in a single repository to avoid data loss


  • Sales Cloud: Two licences bought initially; Infinity InfoTech Parks Limited budgets for 10 more after go-live success
  • With the assistance of expert local partner Globalnest IT Solutions, the platform goes live in two weeks
  • Platform launched bug-free from the beginning, saving installation costs and resources
  • Infinity’s platform is cheaper to launch and maintain than those offered by other vendors


  • Infinity InfoTech Parks Limited closes more sales and seizes more cross- and up-sell opportunities boosting revenues by 27%
  • Time-to-convert is slashed more than 30% by streamlining the sales cycle and improved follow ups
  • Sales productivity leaps as managers can see where reps should be focusing to close sales
  • Managers have immediate visibility of the sales pipeline and know who is working on what.

Key Stats