High Tech

Since Salesforce, we no longer waste time struggling to figure out who owns leads and clients. We have complete visibility on our opportunity and revenue forecasts. I can see a huge ROI in that.

Microland makes selling easy with Sales Cloud


  • India-based IT infrastructure services company Microland had outgrown its Excel spreadsheet system of managing sales
  • Salespeople didn’t know who owned leads or the status of customers, and had no history of contacts with clients
  • Managers couldn’t get information about the sales pipeline or make future sales projections
  • A custom Microsoft SharePoint system had failed to address the problem, lacked ease of use and was difficult to maintain


  • Microland chooses Sales Cloud from salesforce.com, buying 50 licences
  • Local systems integrator KVP customises the system and moves over data
  • The system is up and running in just eight weeks
  • Staff are all familiar with Sales Cloud from other jobs and everyone happily uses the system


  • The problems of the old system go away, salespeople know their leads and the system keeps track of contact with customers automatically
  • Managers can see what sales people are doing, help keep sales on track and estimate likely revenues
  • Microland steps up activity because it can now target particular customers and see their responses
  • IT team now spends its time thinking up new improvements rather than band-aiding existing systems and applications.

Key Stats

  • Web site: Microland
  • Industry: High Tech
  • Size: Enterprise
  • Region: Asia Pacific (APAC)