Y-Axis Overseas Careers


Sales Cloud has done much more than raise our productivity, it has enhanced our brand

Y-Axis earns a reputation as India’s best immigration consultancy with Salesforce CRM


  • Accommodate Y-Axis’ rapid expansion – a new office opens every three months and transaction volumes are soaring
  • Allow sales and processing employees to collaborate in a single team
  • Secure corporate data and prevent it from getting lost or leaving with employees
  • Limit implementation costs
  • Monitor and manage employee activities and target high value leads


  • Salesforce.com partner Lister Technologies delivers a customised Salesforce CRM solution within 90 days
  • System accommodates 300 users in 17 offices across India as well as staff based overseas
  • Lister Technologies carries out training for core users over the course of a month
  • Using AppExchange, Y-Axis streamlines processing of consular documentation, generates quotes automatically and adds internal recruitment reporting
  • Salesforce Chatter is used to organise and share information on internal projects


  • Y-Axis boosts sales by 25% by setting daily rather than monthly sales goals
  • Refinement of sales targets to focus on high value leads raises conversion to 25%
  • Increase in presales activity of approximately 50%
  • Gains the ability to measure and compare volume of new customer enquiries month-on-month
  • Multiple level escalation rules in Salesforce CRM enables customer queries to be addressed within 48 hours
  • Reporting time slashed from 1-2 days at month-end to reporting on the fly

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