Zap Piling Pte Ltd

Services provides us with a real time insight into the progress of each project – monitoring costs and wastage against KPIs  gives us  significant advantages in terms of cost efficiency

Zap Piling’s Project Management System (PMS) relies upon Salesforce Platform for keeping projects on time and in budget


  • Staff needed to have the ability to collaborate on projects
  • Requirement for managing and controlling project costs
  • Need for tracking the on-site efficiency of machinery and tools
  • Desire to improve overall operational efficiency


Zap Piling deployed a customised 30 user Salesforce Platform into a so-called ‘Project Management System’ (PMS) application. Zap Piling’s PMS provides ability to accurately track and monitor valuable company resources pertaining to multiple simultaneous projects, in order to maximise cost efficiency.



  • Three phase implementation up and running in under five months
  • Employees have 24 x 7 access to project updates stored centrally in the cloud facilitating timely business decisions
  • Ability to make adjustments to current projects based on real time pricing updates to ensure they are delivered within budget
  • Real time monitoring of machinery efficiency maximises project efficiency
  • Automated data calculations in greatly reduce the effort associated with manual calculations and improve data accuracy
  • Centralization of information online assists the Quantity Surveyor in expediting payments to clients
  • Reduction in incidences of  duplication of paperwork on site
  • On site processes less paper intensive owing to a reduced reliance on hard copies
  • Dashboards help Zap Piling to monitor and minimise materials wastage and measure project performance against company KPIs
  • Increase in overall cost efficiency

Key Stats

  • Web site: Zap Piling Pte Ltd
  • Industry: Services
  • Size: Medium
  • Region: Asia Pacific (APAC)